Aşama 2
Activity 2.1. Determination of qualifications for court experts from various fields Documents
Activity 2.2. Finding objective criteria for the selection and appointment process of court experts / Preparation of guidelines for court experts Documents
Activity 2.3. Quality (standardisation) measures will be set for individual court experts and institutions Documents

Activity 2.4.

Drafting of a code of conduct for court experts Documents

Activity 2.5.

Drafting of a standardized reporting format for main categories of expertise, which will be determined according to the need analysis under Activity 2.1. / in Ankara Documents

Activity 2.6.


Fine tuning meetings with representatives of the pilot courts

(Antalya, Şanlıurfa, Samsun, Manisa, Istanbul)


Activity 2.7.

Drafting of a paper concerning standards of translators and interpreters in court cases (in Ankara) Documents

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